Gülçin Yahya


Gülçin Yahya was born in 1966 in Ankara, Turkey and entered the Department of Music Education at the city's Gazi University in 1984. Her chosen instrument was initially the flute, but in 1986 she was introduced to the oud by Cinuçen Tanrıkorur and became his student. She was the first student to complete Tanrıkorur’s oud method, in just six months, and she also gave a joint recital with him. In 1988 Yahya was employed to teach oud and flute at the Department of Music Education at Selçuk University, Konya, where she also studied for her Master’s degree. In 1997 she returned to Gazi University to join the teaching staff and study for a doctorate on the oud improvisations of Yorgo Bacanos, and her thesis was subsequently published as a book. She has also published an oud method and a book of exercises for the oud. Gülçin Yahya is now a full professor in the Department of Music Education at Gazi University, as well as Director of the University's State Conservatory of Turkish Music and Centre for Turkish Music Education Research and Development. She also gives regular oud recitals and has participated in several international oud festivals.



Selected Recordings

Cinuçen Tanrıkorur - Eserleri/Compositions (with Pinar Somakci)
(İstanbul Müzik Üretim)

This CD contains a number of pieces by the great Turkish composer Cinuçen Tanrıkorur, played by Gülçin Yahya on oud and Pinar Somakci on kanun.

1. Pesendîde Peşrevi 4:42
2. Pesendîde Sazsemâîsi 4:07
3. Geçiş Taksimi - Ud 2:23
4. Ferahnâk Sazsemâîsi 4:48
5. Eviç Sazsemâîsi 5:06
6. İkili Geçiş Taksimi 2:22
7. Nihâvend Medhâl 5:05
8. Mehtapta Yakamozlar 6:10
9. Şehnâz Medhâl 5:12
10. Şehnâz Sazsemâîsi 5:47
11. Geçiş Taksimi - Ud 1:15
12. Güneşe Köprü (Ud Solo) 6:30
13. Susamuru'nun Aşkı 8:52
14. Geçiş Taksimi - Kanun 2:50
15. Kürdîlihicazkâr Sazsemâîsi 4:27
16. Kürdîlihicazkâr Longa 2:26

(KAF Müzik KB 02 34 Ü 1327 033)

A solo oud CD of improvisations together with compositions by the great Turkish composers.

1. Şedaraban Taksim 1:46
2. Şedaraban Peşrevi (Refik Fersan) 5:09
3. Şedaraban Sazsemâisi (Refik Talat Alpman) 4:44
4. Kapris-I (Şerif Muhiddin Targan) 3:21
5. Koşan Çocuk (Şerif Muhiddin Targan) 2:36
6. Segâh Peşrevi (Neyzen Yusuf Paşa) 5:15
7. Segâh Sazsemâisi (Cavit Cenkoğlu) 4:59
8. Geçiş Taksimi 3:20
9. Rast Sirto 3:48
10. Rast Oyun Havası (Aydın Oran) 1:24
11. Arazbarbûselik Sazsemâisi (Refik Fersan) 8:19
12. Hüseynî Taksim 2:59
13. Çeçen Kızı (Tanburî Cemil Bey) 3:30
14. Düğün Evinde (Hüseyin Sâdettin Arel) 2:36
15. Hayallerim (Gülçin Yahya) 6:26


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