Haig Yazdjian


Haig Yazdjian was born in 1959 in Aleppo, Syria into an Armenian family that originated from Caesarea in the Cappadocia region of Turkey. He emigrated to Greece in the 1980s, where his first instrument was the electric guitar, and he soon established himself as a leading soloist. He subsequently discovered the oud and this became his main instrument, accompanied by his own distinctive vocals. Yazdjian released his first album 'Talar' in 1996, and this was followed by several others that received widespread acclaim. Over the last thirty years he has worked with a wide range of artists and composers, both in Greece and overseas, and is currently touring as part of several different groups.

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Selected Recordings

Outi (with Antonis Apergis)
(FM Records FM 684)

This CD is volume 7 of the 'Greek Folk Instruments' series, and around half the tracks (nos. 1-9) are performed by Haig Yazdjian and half by Antonis Apergis.

1. Taxim Nihavend 2:21
2. Nihavend longa (Giorgos Batzianos) 2:57
3. Taxim in different modes 13:22
4. Woman from Smyrna 3:59
5. Taxim Segiah 3:31
6. Taxim Rast 3:47
7. Rast longa (Giorgos Batzianos) 2:12
8. Taxim Ussak 3:10
9. In the Mevla khane in Constantinople (Agapios Tomboulis) 3:07
10. Konstantakis 4:24
11. Firewalkers' dance 3:50
12. Woman from Kordelio 2:57
13. Karsilamas Hidjaz 4:09
14. Dance of Iconium 3:32


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