Ghassan Al Yousif
غسان اليوسف


Ghassan Al Yousif was born in Syria in 1972 and began playing the oud at the age of nine. He later entered the the National Conservatory of Music in Lebanon, where he was taught by Charbel Rouhana and André Hajj. After a period studying Baroque lute in France he moved to the House of Oud in Cairo, Egypt, where he was studied under Naseer Shamma from 1999 to 2001. After graduating he took up a teaching post there until 2003, and also worked at the Cairo Opera House and the Library of Alexandria. He released his first album in 2002 and since then has been giving regular concerts and presenting TV programmes. Ghassan is currently based in Egypt and is married to the oud player Dina Abdel Hamid.

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Selected Recordings

Takasim Oud 3
(DJ Recording DJCD 080)

This is not a taqasim recording in the traditional sense, but consists mostly of Ghassan's compositions for solo oud. The CD is in the same series as those featuring Mamdoh El Gibaley. The sound quality is very poor though, and does not really do Ghassan's oud playing justice.

1. Ertegal Soufi 10:59
2. Takasiem Nahawand 7:17
3. Beet Fi Hara 6:34
4. Lekaa 5:26
5. Hall 11:19
6. Layale Al-Sham 6:14
7. Sherood 6:36
8. Endama Yaoud El-Shetaa 5:16
9. Reshtey Wa Al-Falamanko 4:48
10. Men Wahi El-Sonbatti 4:23


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